What We Do

Concrete Building Products Inc. produces different sizes of hollowcore plank to meet the various demands of our customers. The use of hollowcore planks in construction is extensive and continues to grow due to various cost efficiencies; speed, weight, strength of planks, fire resistance and ability to be carpet ready. Longer spans with high load capacity means less column or support wall requirements and better space utilization. Cores can be used for heating and ventilation ducting or for wiring and plumbing chases. Hollowcore planks are widely utilized in single and multi family homes, schools, hospitals, hotels, sports arenas and a variety of commercial buildings. In addition, we manufacture solid slabs and stairs.

Utilizing Ultra Span Technology to manufacture our hollow core planks provides us the flexibility our clients need while maintaining reliable manufacturing schedules. The ability to use a low water to cement ratio for the extruder-which allows for reduced curing times – along with custom casting pallets, cross and rip cut saws, and a production service vehicle that cleans the beds and pulls the steel strand ensures that manufacturing is continuous and downtime is minimized. This creates an efficient manufacturing process helping to meet demanding construction schedules.
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